Estimate Costs of a New Extension or Other Building Project

To Avoid Nasty Surprises in Your Building Budget…

When the back of a cigarette package just isn’t enough to calculate your building costs, you’re going to need to do some pretty accurate calculations if you’re not going to overspend on a project. You can use tools like this to find out if you can afford the project you have in mind.

This is not some fancy tool where you just add in your sizes but rather a worksheet or workbook that runs through everything you might need. The upshot of completing it is you’ll have all your material quantities worked out for when you start the project.

In conjunction to this workbook you’ll need a time plan or work schedule (coming soon) so you can book all your tradesmen in good time.

Hope it helps…

Here are the links to the downloadable workbooks….

MS WORD: Estimating Building Costs Workbook

MS EXCEL: Estimating Building Costs Workbook

PDF: Estimating Building Costs Workbook

If you need any extra help:

Back in the day when I was building houses, before I got more into the restoration side of things I used to use Mark Brinkley’s House building Bible as my go to reference…

Still as relevant today, the book is in it’s eleventh edition as I write this, take a look on amazon… Housebuilder’s Bible 11, by Mark Brinkley. I guarantee you’ll not miss a trick if you follow everything in this book!

and here is the workbook in the flesh if you want to have a look without downloading… (click the above links to download yours)

The Plan
Project Title:
Start Date: Expected Finish Date:
Project Brief:
Material and Labour Calculations
Description Calculations etc for Quantities of Materials Total number of Units Unit cost Material Cost Days Labour for one man Any extra Labour Costs Total of Materials and Labour
Clear the area. Sort out tools and equipment.
Waste container ordered?
Excavate topsoil. Waste container ordered?
Set out the building outline.
Excavate foundations. Book excavator.
Steelwork in foundations
Peg concrete levels.
Concrete founds. Calc. Quant. LxWxD + 10%
Brick/blockwork to ground level.
Remove dumpling and backfilling
Hardcore subbase and compact.
Sand blinding
Compactor for sand blinding.
Floor insulation
Slab reinforcement
Cast concrete slab.
Calculate conc. quantity LxWxD plus 10%
Drains and manholes
Excavate soakaways and pipe runs.
Profiles/ tie in brickwork or chop toothings.
Build brickwork up to first floor level.
Blockwork up to first floor level.
Wall ties.
Cavity wall insulation.
Insulate reveals and Vertical DPC.
Door frames.
Window frames.
Install first floor joists.
Install strutting, noggins and brick infills.
Fireplace, chimney and flue.
Staircase and balustrade
First floor straps
Brickwork to wallplate
Blockwork up to wallplate.
Wallplate straps and fixings
Ceiling joists
Wind bracing
Ridge, hip and valley base
Or prefab. Roofing trusses if using.
Brick/blockwork to gable end
Gable end straps
Valley timbers
Lead to valley
Fascia, barge boards and soffit
Roofing felt
Tile laths
Insulation, fixings if warm roof.
Verge strips
Roof covering, tiles etc.
Leadwork to chimney
Mortar for building work, sand, cement, plasticisers
New openings, lintels etc
Floorboards or chipboard
Timber studwork partitions
Plasterboards for studwork
Internal door frames
Plasterboard ceilings
Loft insulation
Form loft access
Electrical work
Plumbing work inc. SVPs
Plastering sand and cement
Plasterers angle beads, thin/thick
Plasters for finishing works
Screed, sharp sand, mesh and cement
Door furniture
Glass and putty/strips
Dado or picture rails
Windowsills int.
Kitchen units
Bathroom suite
Nails (whole job)
Screws (whole job)
Mastics, silicones and glues (whole job)
Gutters and downpipe
Floor coverings
Pavings/ landscaping
Paint and decorating works
Misc. skips
Clear away site
Misc. or special order  items….
Provisional sums
Summary of costs              
VAT   Total
Provisional sums or costs      
% profit and overheads      
Total Costs:      


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