Handyman for hire (håndverker)

pair of handsLife makes many demands on our time these days, and sometimes you might wish for an extra pair of hands to get everything done.

If you need someone handy to help with your practical jobs around the house or cabin, I can help. Either arranged as a one off job or as a regular periodical slot (once a week/month/year etc.).

Contact me to arrange a home visit to assess what needs doing. After the visit, we can book a time to carry out the work which suits you. I’ll carry out the work, on time and hassle free, to your total satisfaction, guaranteed.

Just a few of the jobs I could help you with….(home, business, cabin or boat)

  • Renovations and modernisations
  • Repairing broken items
  • General maintenance on anything getting tired
  • Flat pack or furniture assembly (IKEA etc.)
  • Brickwork and stonework
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Carpentry and roofing
  • Adjustments for sticking doors/windows/items
  • Caulk and painting work
  • Tree removal and logging for firewood
  • Work in the garden, plants or landscape
  • Putting right DIY disasters or unfinished projects
  • I am also happy to work alongside you on your jobs.
  • I am also happy to teach, I can show you how as we work together.
  • In fact, almost anything that needs a handyman!

Over the past 30 years I have looked after many clients, from building houses, million dollar projects, health units in Africa and maintenance work to setting up bouncy castles for a clients summer parties!

What can I help you with?

Contact me via email here: ian at handycrowd dot com or by calling (0047) 91 754 808, or by leaving a comment anywhere on this site and my tame robot will let me know. I look forward to helping you.
Stay well

A little more about me…

My name is Ian Anderson and I have been married to an amazing Norwegian lady since 2002 and have two fantastic children. We have lived around the world, including Africa, UK and New Zealand.

But with children approaching school age it was time to settle down! We found a house in Asker, close to schools and Hvalstrand beach, what could be better?

My education is primarily in construction, but I also have a Masters degree in Trauma and Disaster Management. I have worked as a humanitarian in Africa, building health units and ran my own construction business in the UK going back to 1986.

Please feel free to have a wander around on this website. It’s a bit like me, an eclectic mix of useful things!

Stay well 


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  1. Fascinating easy to read info about lath and plaster ceilings. I am thinking of buying a little two-bedroom cottage in Laugharne, South Wales, which has a sagging lath and plaster ceiling. I am a bit loathe to overboard – I like the wavy lines of the original ceilings and walls. Do you know of anyone in the UK who could look at the work and give me a quote for free? I need help with the whole house really – new kitchen, new bathroom, ceilings and walls, rewiring, and decor.

    1. Post

      Hi Esther,
      No one should charge you for a quote and politely decline anyone who asks.

      The absolute best way to find a decent guy is to go to the nearest builders merchant (avoiding the first two hours and the last hour of business oh, and lunchtimes) i.e. find a quiet moment where you can call in and simply ask the guys behind the counter to recommend a good local guy.

      Of course they’ll laugh to start with and probably say that ‘nope, they’re all hopeless around here’ but once they’ve settled down you’ll be able to wheedle a couple of names out of them. They see everyone and know who the ones to avoid are.

      Once you’ve given them a call and arranged to meet them at the property be prepared to pay the going rate. Good guys don’t come cheap because doing a good job takes longer you see. Also be prepared to wait for the actual work to be done, anyone who is good will be busy. Anyone who can come straight away better have a real good reason!

      Good luck and once you find a good guy, hang onto him and treat him like the rockstar he is…
      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can be of any help,
      Merry Christmas!

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