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Personal Information Template

personal information sheet image of danger for humans

Be careful there……….

Imagine if you lost your house and everything in it. Now, imagine how you would sort out the aftermath with only sketchy details about your accounts!

What happens if you die? (sorry, but it happens……). You owe it to your family to have your affairs in order. They would have enough to deal with if you don’t make it. This simple template easily stores all the information you might need in an emergency or even as an everyday reference. Click the links below for yours…

Your Personal Information Template in MS. WORD

Your Personal Information Template in MS. EXCEL

Instructions on how to fill it all in are at the end of each document.

How to Make a Pallet Breaker or Buster

ballet buster tines support planks

Makes easy work of it….

Download your FREE instructional PDF to make a great pallet breaker and start your own projects made from pallets or pallet wood…. Click here for the>>> Pallet Breaker Plans.



Screws Explained

random screwsA table of data showing:

  • Metric equivalent to imperial gauge.
  • What size pilot hole to drill in timber for best screw grip.
  • What size clearance hole to drill through the timber being fixed.
  • Which size plastic wall plug to use with each screw size or gauge.

Click the link here >>> Screws Explained Download PDF  to download your FREE instructional PDF to keep for reference.

Homeowners Maintenance Guide

Everything you need to know to keep your home in tip top condition.

Click the link>>> Homeowners Maintenance Guide to download your FREE homeowners guide to looking after your place.

Homeowners Estimating Building Costs Template

Calculating how much a new building project is going to cost is a laborious process, after all there are a lot of things to consider and lots of material quantities to calculate. These templates will help…

Here are the links to the downloadable templates….
MS WORD: Estimating Building Costs Template

MS EXCEL: Estimating Building Costs Template

PDF: Estimating Building Costs Template

That’s all for now, check back soon for more free downloads.



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