Where to find free pallets for project wood

free pallets for project

Free pallets are everywhere… these were kept in a locked container behind a big tile shop.

Stores that import from abroad are likely to have pallets they want to get rid off for free, (otherwise they have to pay someone to take them away). Imported stuff generally comes on single use or disposable pallets that are not returnable and reusable like EURO pallets. Try tile shops etc. as heavy tiles or stones are shipped on sturdy pallets.

Look for them at the back of premises around loading bays etc. Most times they will be in a container etc. to prevent them being a fire risk. Simply ask at the stores collection office or in store. It’s always clever to pick a time when the staff are not busy so avoid early morning, lunchtime and the last hour or so and never at the weekend.

Once you’ve found your pallets and got them home the next task is to dismantle them. Ah, now there’s the rub, because even single use pallets are pretty tough to get apart without breaking all that lovely wood. What you need is a pallet breaker! Fortunately they are not too difficult to make (or have made). You can read how to have a go at making your own by downloading my free instructions here >>>  pallet breaker.

pallet planks

The trailer full of pallets above yielded 175m (575′) of good usable timber!!

You can of course buy a pallet buster off the shelf:
Roughneck pallet breaker at Amazon.co.uk
Pallet breaker at Amazon.com
Cargo cycles pallet breaker at ebay.co.uk
Vestil pallet breaker at ebay.com

Let me know if you find them anywhere else and I can add them to this list.

Happy pallet busting!

Stay well


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