How to look after your home… properly!

I know it’s been quiet here these past few weeks and that’s because I’ve been putting together a small eBook about home maintenance (there is a free copy for you if you share the link below!). I’d sure appreciate it if you could spread the word and share it to anyone who needs help looking after their place… 

Just paste this link into whatever flavour of social media you like…  or just click the link and use the social share buttons on the page. Then drop me a comment or email and I’ll send you your free copy  😉 .

This series of books is in response to some comments that my How to be Handy book was too big for them, so I decided to pull specific chapters from it as ‘stand alone’ guides and this is the first in the series…

Book Blurb:

Let’s be honest here, home maintenance has a huge image problem. It’s not cool, it’s not sexy and it definitely isn’t ever going to beat the thrill of building something new and shiny, not ever…

But guess what; you know that new and shiny thing you’re building instead of maintaining your home? Yup, it’s going to need maintaining to keep that new and shiny look you so desire.

So relax a little, surrender to it, and since you can’t truly escape it anyway, let a little maintenance creep into your life. Your stuff will love you for it; you’ll love your stuff for looking so good, and oh; the planet will quite like you for it too.

So, let me talk you into doing a little home maintenance…

Is this book right for me?

If you want to learn how to properly look after your home, then yes! If you don’t want to share it and receive a free copy, you can buy one (thanks for the support!) just click the BOB (big orange button!) below, to take a look at the 123-page kindle book (paperback coming soon), or you can just search for ‘Home Maintenance Checklist’ at your favourite flavour of bookstore…


I hope the book helps you look after your home and get those little niggly jobs out of the way before the summer starts properly 🙂

Stay well


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  1. Hello Ian,

    Thanks very much for this. I’ve shared it on fb, and will order your Amazon book as well. So useful and much appreciated. Best wishes, Lynn

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