How to be Handy Book

How to be Handy the movie, sorry, I mean the book is finally here…

Okay, I’ll admit it, I know it’s taken a while. But all worthwhile things do right? What with moving from New Zealand to Norway, fixing up a new house, raising a couple of kids, earning a living and just living life takes time, leaving precious little time for creative endeavours. But I persevered. And just like building a house, one brick, or in this case, one word at a time you get to the finish line in the end…

But, like all creative endeavours, there is always a hesitancy to ‘let go’ and show the world. There is in all of us I think, a reluctance to open ourselves up for potential criticism or even ridicule, but fortune favours the brave so here goes…

I wrote this book as an antidote to the many DIY guides I’ve seen over the years which follow a step-by-step format, as if everything can be fixed by following a rigid sequence. Real life isn’t like that, real DIY isn’t like that. Your stuff might be different, or something might go wrong.

Essentially then it’s a different kind of DIY book, one which will take you far beyond blindly following step-by-step instructions, to where you can stop faking it and actually make it. To actually be practical; be handy.

Using my simple R.E.L.E.A.R.N method you’ll ‘relearn’ how you look at DIY; to see the world through ‘practical eyes’. To relearn how you observe, listen, feel, and smell everything and what it all means. Plus, you’ll know how and where to find the information you need to fill any gaps in your existing experience and create workable solutions for your DIY projects.

You’ll learn how to use a few simple tools to easily transform your home, using your own head, hands, and heart to create something wonderful, fix something you treasure, maintain something you want to keep forever or build something just for fun.

There’s more than 30 years of my experience as a professional builder and handyman packed into this easy to follow method which explains how handy people like me tackle practical tasks, (especially the new and unknown), learning ‘just enough’ to get the job done each time.

Once you experience the physical world like a handy person does, you’ll think like a handy person and then you’ll be able to do anything. Seriously; anything you set your mind to.

Is this book right for me?

If you want to live a more practical life, be good with your hands, be good with tools, be knowledgeable about DIY, able to deal with breakdowns, make improvements or even build stuff from scratch; then YES! If you’ve never done DIY before, make this the first book you read. If you’ve already started, it’ll show you how to build and improve the skills you have.

Available as a 424-page paperback or of course as an e-book, click the button below to go to your nearest Amazon store, or you can just search for ‘How to be Handy’ at your favourite flavour of Amazon.

buy the how to be handy book button

Okay, that’s the serious stuff out the way! Buy the book, try it and as they say, “if you don’t like it, tell me; if you love it, tell everyone else!”  You can share this link if you want to help me ‘spread the word’… How to be Handy [hairy bottom not required] Or use the social share buttons below this post…

Good luck with your own DIY endeavours and work safe.


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