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Just a quick post today to let you know I’m running a FREE promotion for the Kindle version of my book How to be Handy [hairy bottom not required] from today until Sunday…

Simply head over to an Amazon store near you or you can click this link How to be Handy or the image below just for fun!

If you don’t have a Kindle that’s no problem either, click here… to grab the free Kindle App or simply head into the app store of your choice and search for “Amazon Kindle”. Just about anything can be magically turned into a Kindle eBook viewer.

So go, download the book and spread the word. I’m on a mission you know, to save the planet, one carefully repaired toaster (or tractor) at a time…

You still here? Still not sure? Okay, go here and read up about the book… introducing the book: How to be Handy [hairy bottom not required]  🙂

Stay well


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  1. Hi Ian, is this still valid (it’s 16/11/20 as I write this)? I’ve just bought the book for my son, but when I saw the offer of a free kindle version I thought I’ll have some of that for myself. When I clicked the link Amazon tells me it’ll be £9.99 for the kindle version.

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      Hi Julian,
      First can I say thanks for buying the paperback book 🙂
      Until fairly recently I was able to offer the kindle version free to people who bought the paperback through the ‘Matchbook’ scheme but alas, Amazon decided to scrap that.

      The one you found was an old timed offer through amazon I’m afraid.

      I might be able to put together a PDF copy for you if you can side load it to your reader? Is that any good for you?
      Let me know and I can email it to you (as long as you don’t upload or share it anywhere lol! 🙂 )
      Cheers, sorry the free kindle copies are over and thanks again for your support,
      I hope your lad finds it useful, don’t hesitate to reach out again if I can help.
      Cheers for now

      1. Thanks Ian, no drama – I can read it on kindle unlimited as and when I need. On another subject, I’m under instructions to build an outdoor party shelter next year with sleeper walls and “polished” concrete floor, if you can point me towards any resources that might act as a guide that would be very useful.

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          Ah, got you. Dive in then (and let me know what you think!).

          It’s a different book for sure, no step by step stuff. Instead I aimed to get onto the page what goes on in my head as a handy guy to help folks who think they can’t do this stuff.
          Okay, stay well Julian.

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