Firewood racks: How to make an outside firewood store.

We need a large amount of firewood to get us through the long cold winters here in Norway and you can cut it for free if you know who to ask! Also I was dying to utilise the large overhanging eaves on our house to provide a nice and protected storage place for our spring cut wood to season over the summertime.

store firewood in home made racks

Make these easy firewood racks out of sticks taken from the forest.

My goal was to find a way of storing my recently cut firewood using materials taken from the woods. Well, I had to use a few screws to hold everything together; I’m not going to be a slave to the whole self sustainability thing! So I set about using some of the young self set saplings that I was clearing out from around the more mature trees to make up some “ladders” that I could fasten to the wall at 90 degrees to support the stacks of drying firewood.

firewood storage racks

The end ‘ladder’ section with poles over the top to stop spreading.

Using a 1 1/2″ or 38mm holecutter I drilled into the 8′ or 2.4m poles slightly and chiseled off the curve of the pole to make nice flat bits to screw the short ladder pieces into. I made these around 8″ or 200mm long so that the finished ladders would be perfect width to hold my firewood cut at around 12″ or 300mm.


storing firewood around the home in easy to make racks

The centre ‘ladder’ in this easy to make firewood rack.

I hope this inspires you to come up with creative (and cheap!) ways to store your firewood. I think it looks tidy and it doesn’t take up much room either. You can read how I cut so much small stuff to size on the cutting firewood page. Now I just need to work on my sizing to get all the wood exactly the same length!

Do you have any neat ways of storing your firewood? Leave a comment or even better show us!
Stay well

By Ian Anderson

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