The 15 Min. Drill Bit Storage Rack

For convenient drill bit storage and easy to see stock levels.

I use a lot of drill bits and got fed up with rooting about in boxes to find ones I needed, so I decided to mount them on the wall in this simple storage unit.

easy to make drill storage unit out of wood

Crude but useful and very quick to make.

Grab a piece of timber, 2″ x 4″ (48mm x 98mm) in this case and mark a centre line along the narrow side. Space out your holes according to the drill bit you’re using, I used a 32mm bit and spaced out the holes 2″ (50mm), which was a little too generous in hindsight.

Drill each hole until you are around 3/4″ (19mm) from the bottom, I used a piece of tape wrapped around the drill bit as a guide. To create the graduated depths, mark a taper 1 1/2″ down from the top on the 4″ (98mm) face up to nothing at the top the other end and cut it off with a saw. Sand up all the edges and mark up the sizes you want each hole to carry. A couple of screws through it into the wall and you’re done.

I was in a hurry when I made this and when I make another I’ll take a few minutes to set out better, closing up the gaps between the holes to make the rack more compact. I’d also start with some smaller holes instead of adding them as an afterthought.

storage for small drill bits

Drill some smaller holes for those tiny drill bits.

Happy drilling….

Stay well


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  1. Excellent Idea…It can be fancied up however you feel. It’s quick and easy…..I not interested in making my shop a show place and wasting lots of time making it look good. Get her done so you can move on the the real projects.
    “Instrumental not Ornamental”

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